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Teeji Seat – Lyrics Meaning in English – Kaka

Singer: Kaka
Music: Arrow Soundz
Lyrics: Kaka

Bus Vich Baithi Sajji Teeji Seat Te
Geet Mera Challe Teri Heartbeat Te
Mere Geet Utte Ne Sharabi Nachde
Khadki Jande Ne Ni Glass Kach De

Sitting on the right side third seat of bus
My song plays on your heartbeat
Drinkers dance on my songs
Cheering up with mirror glasses

Ho Khadke De Vicho Mainu Saaj Sunn De
Saajan Vicho Kann Teri Awaz Sunn De
Teri Awaaj Vicho Tera Mooh Dikhdae Ni
Tere Muh Nu Dekh Dekh Kaka Geet Likhdae

I hear tunes from noise
From tunes my ears hear your voice
From your voice I see your face
Seeing your face Kaka (Lyricist) writes song

Ho Likht Meri De Vich Sift Teri
Sift Teri Te Ae Grift Meri
Teriyan Grift’an Ch Dil Hai Mera
Mere Dil Vich Ik Ghar Hai Tera

There is your appreciation in my songs
In your appreciation I’m caught
My heart is captivated by you
There’s your house in my heart

Tere Ghar Kol Aake Bus Rukgi
Samjhi Na Ethe Meri Gall Mukkgi
Jithe Mukki Otho Challugi Repeat Te
Ni Teri Haan – Na Da Fark Ni
Painda Dheeth Te

My bus stopped near your house
Don’t assume that my words are finished here
Where it will end it will start from there again
Whether you say yes or no
It does not matter to the stubborn

Bus Vich Bethi Sajji Tiji Seat Te
Geet Mera Challe Teri Heartbeat Te

Sitting in the right side third seat of bus
My song plays on your heartbeat

Dhupp Jadon Tere Chehre Utte Baithdi
Chehra Tera Jaanda Meri Rooh Ch Baithda
Rooh Meri Baithi Tereyan Khyaal’an Ch
Tera Taan Vajood Lgge Khooh Ch Baithda

When sunlight fall on your face
Your face touches my soul
My soul is sitting, dreaming about you
I think of you every moment

Khooh Cho Bahar Aaja Jaane Meriye
Aaja Daryavan Di Karavan Sair Ni
Daryan Ton Ocean Da Raah Puchh Ke
Gallan Kar Beach Te Dubo Ke Pair Ni

Come out of the well my love
Come we’ll walk around rivers
From rivers you can ask the way to oceans
Talk to me while placing your feet in the water on the beach

Pair Tere Chhoon Giyan Lehran Aan Ke
Lehran Vich Sooraj Dubbuga Jaan Ke
Dubbde Ton Chadh-De Tahi Gall Krange
Gall Uljhake Aape Hall Karange

Waves will touch your feet
Sun will hide into the sea
We’ll talk from dusk to dawn
We’ll complicate things and then solve them ourself

Hall Hoyi Gall Te Charha Dayi Phool Ni
Mere Likhe Geetan Nu Chhuha Dayi Bull Ni
Tere Bull’an Te Smile Jiyu Masala Meat Te
Ni Tere Naina Vicho 2 Peg Laune Neat De

You can put flowers on the things solved
Sing the songs written by me
There’s smile on your lips like spices on meat
I want to have 2 shots (alcoholic) from your eyes

Naal Mere Behji Ohdon Khabbi Seat Te
Ohdo Vi Chaluga Geet Heartbeat Te

Sit beside me on the right seat
Then also my song will play in your heartbeat