You Remember – Lyrics Meaning in English – Paul Kim

The lyrics express the desire to forget the painful memories and move on, but at the same time, not wanting

You And I – Lyrics Meaning in English – Lee Seok Hoon

The song is about a person who has missed the opportunity to embrace someone they love in the past and

Without Me – Lyrics Meaning in English – Joo Hoo

This song is about letting go of a love interest that slowly turned harmful, while holding on to the good

When It Rains – Lyrics Meaning in English – Ashatree

The song describes the feelings of someone who is missing their former lover while it is raining. Singer: Ashatree Lyricist(s):

True Song – Lyrics Meaning in English – Kassy

The song is a message of hope and empowerment for anyone who has experienced heartbreak and is trying to find

Tired of Falling in Love – Lyrics Meaning in English – Zia

The lyrics describe the feeling of being trapped in a cycle of heartbreak and loneliness, unable to break free from

Sunset – Lyrics Meaning in English – Davichi

The lyrics express the feeling of longing and regret for not being able to hold onto a relationship, as well

Monologue – Lyrics Meaning in English – Tei

The lyrics reflect on the memories of a past relationship and how they still haunt the narrator even after the

Lonely Night – Lyrics in English – JuJu Secret

The lyrics describe how the narrator is haunted by memories of their former partner, even though they had hoped to

Last Love – Lyrics Meaning in English – Sin Ye Young

The song is about a lover asking for her partner’s forgiveness and reminiscing about the memories they shared. Singer(s): 신예영