BTFU – Lyrics Meaning in English – Karan Aujla

BTFU – Lyrics Meaning in English – Karan Aujla

Singer: Karan Aujla  
Music: Tru-Skool 
Lyrics: Karan Aujla 

Ki Dassan Main Apne Baare 
Zindagi Ne Ki Ki Sikhaya 
Te Ki Ki Dikhaya 

What shall I tell you about myself 
What life has taught me 
And what she has shown me 

Teen Kamre Ik Rasoi 
Bebe Da Ohi Suit 
Te Bapu Di Ohi Lohi 

3 rooms, one kitchen 
Moms that same Punjabi suit 
And dad’s same shawl 

Ajj Vi Ohdi Bukkal Warga Nigg Dindi Ae 
Taan Hi Hikk Naal Laake Rakhda Ae 
Te Dasseya Si Ohne Vi Bahli Thaan Na Layi 
Taan Hi Ik Naal Laake Rakhda 

Today also it gives me the warmth of their hug 
That’s why I keep it close to my chest 
And someone told me he also didn’t connected with many persons 
That’s why I also stay attached with one 

Te Aa Zindagi Da Mainu 
Pata Si Vi Rabb Ton Udhari Ae 
Te Chhote Hunde Pandat Keh Gaya Si 
Bhai Shani Munde Te Bhari Ae 

And I know about this life 
That it’s a debt from God 
And when I was child the saint of temple told that 
The fortune stars are heavy on the boy 

Gulela Te Gandoliyan Ton 
Gunna Te Goliyan Tak Da Safar 
Lagge Kandeya Ton 
Gadde Jhandeya Tak Da Safar 

The long journey from slingshots and small stone 
To guns and its bullets 
The long journey from  
The thrones to the successful days  

Kulliyan Pehlan Ton 
Te Hunn Mehal’an Tak Da Safar   
Naale Time’an Madeyan Ton 
Akhadeyan Tak Da Safar 

The journey from the open land 
To the palaces 
And also the journey from difficult times 
To battlefields 

Safar Chal Reha Hai 
Te Safar Jari Rahuga 
Safar Jari Rahuga Bhai Ji 

The journey is still going on 
And the journey will continue 
The journey will continue, brother 

Oh Thonu Lagda Mukk Gaya? 

Oh, you thought it’s finished? 

Kade Bheed Jhukda Si 
Te Hunn Takhat Chunna 
Chal Oh Taan Bhavein Bhar Rehne Aa 
Par Je Lod Paiju Taan 
Pind Vi Shakht Chunna 

At once I use to be in crowd 
Now I am in group 
Well, whether I live out of country 
But if needed 
I am in the unity of my village 

Parwah Ni Maari Di Kaun Kise Da 
Jatt Da Bas Sawaad Laina 

I don’t care about who is with whom 
Jatt just enjoy life 

Aakhari Gall Ohna Layi 
Jehde Kehnde Ae Jawaak Aa 
Ehde Ch Dimag Ni 

And last words for those  
Who say that he is child  
He does not have brains 

Oh Kamleyon Eh Taan Ohi Gal Kardi 
Bhai Ae Oh Surr Aa Jihda Koyi Raag Ni 
Jihda Koyi Raag Ni 

Oh, morons you did the same foolish thing by saying this 
That brother he is that tone that does not have any melody 
That does not have any melody 

Eh Tape Pehli Aa Babeyo Par Aakhiri Ni 
Chakk Do Kamm Te Kar Lo Speaker Di Awaaz 
Khilara Pain Aala Bhai Ji 

It’s the first tape, but not the last 
Come on increase the bass and volume of the speakers 
Something extreme is about to come 

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