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Being Left – Lyrics Meaning In English – Zico

The song expresses the feelings of a person who recently went through a breakup and is struggling to cope with the passing time and the lingering emotions. The lyrics reflect the sense of loss, longing, and memories that continue to haunt the person after the separation. The song portrays the bittersweet nature of reminiscing about the past, holding onto memories and hopes while trying to move on.

Singer(s): 지코(Zico)
Lyricist(s): 지코(Zico)
Composer(s): 지코(Zico)

Yojeum ttara sigani isanghae
Heeojin naleso myeochiljjae sara
Najimaghan baram changteum-euro saemyeon
Ne sumgyeol-i daheul geos gat-a

Lately, time feels strange,
I’ve been living for days since we broke up.
When a gentle breeze enters through the window,
I feel like it’s touching your breath.

Kkeutnae ilghiji mothan pyeonji han jang
Po-jangjjae sideul-eo beolin kkoch han dab-al
Naega bad-a bon geos jung
Gajang bichamhaessdeon ibenteu

The one letter that never got read,
The bouquet of flowers that withered without being unwrapped,
Among all the things I received,
The most pitiful event.

Gyejeol-eun bom-eul delieo gassjiman
Nan jinanbeon gyeoul kkeutjallag-e nam-a
Cheoncheonhi baewo-ghal-yeogo hae
Jal ga jamkkan

The seasons went to bring spring,
But I stayed at the end of the last winter.
I’m trying to send you off slowly,
Goodbye, just for a while.

Naega butyeojun byeolmyeongdeul
Sasaloun ne gippeum, seulpeumkkaji
Ije nae geos-i anin geonae
Nan musahalkka gamhi honjaseo

All the nicknames I gave you,
From your simple joys to your sorrows,
Now they’re not mine anymore,
I wonder if I can survive on my own.

Yojeum ttara sigani isanghae
Heeojin naleso myeochiljjae sara
Nal jigeush-i boneun kkaman bam haneuli
Ne nundongjaleul talmaess-eo

Lately, time feels strange,
I’ve been living for days since we broke up.
The black night sky that watches over me
Resembles your eyes.

Gogaeman dollyeodo mannal su iss-eossneunde
Nun gam-aya gyeou boil deushae
Eolmana hwanhaess-eumyeon
Itolog jinggeulhineun geolkka

Even if I turn my head, I could have met you,
But I have to close my eyes to barely see.
How much more enchanting it would have been
For you to frown like this.

Geudongan nae heunjeog-eul myeoch gaena
Mundeug ddeoolamyeon geuga bolkka bwa
Ttancheong haessni
Gieog-eun ijhyeojil ttaega dwael su iss-eoya
Ttulyeohan hyeongsang-eul hago ap-eul jinachyeo ga
Boleum naenae nal ganho-hae jwoss-eul ttaedo
Jaemi sam-a gyeolhon naljjaeleul kkop-abol ttaedo
Neon gyesog majimag-eul junbi haewassna bwa
Yeonghon eobs-i yeongwonman deulmeogin
I meojeolihan-teseo

Have you found any of my traces so far?
Did you ever randomly think about me,
Worried that I might see you?
Maybe you’ve gone crazy.
Memories become clear and pass by
Only when they’re about to be forgotten.
Throughout a whole month, even when you took care of me,
Even when we playfully picked a wedding date,
You must have been preparing for the end.
Only from this worthless person who endlessly babbled.

Eotteohge doen ge dugeungeolimi
Jeonboda simhaejyeoss-eo
Seolleim bodan jobasim-i saeng-gyeoseo
Neon ulil naelyeonoh-assgo nan micho mollassji
Iyuwa jalmos-eul chajneun
Nae-ga geu iyuwa jalmos-in geol

How come my heartbeat has become
Stronger than before?
Instead of excitement, impatience grew inside me.
You let us go, and I didn’t know.
I’m the reason and the mistake.

Yojeum ttara sigani isanghae
Heeojin naleso myeochiljjae sara
Guchahan geo maj-a an tteonandaneun mal
Na honjalado jikilge

Lately, time feels strange,
I’ve been living for days since we broke up.
It’s true, it’s a stubborn thing, not leaving.
Even if I’m alone, I’ll protect it.

Mesiji chang-en yeojeonhi
Hwamokhan daehwaga nam-aiss-eo
Eomji son-e han-ttae heullin
Neo-ui nunmul jagug-i nam-aiss-eo
Geuman gabwaya doendaneun
Neo-ui majimag mogsoliga nam-aiss-eo
Ajigdo modeun ge jejalie nam-aiss-eo

In the message window,
There are still peaceful conversations left.
The trace of your tears that once flowed
Remains on my thumb.
Your final voice saying we should stop
Still lingers.
Everything is still in its place.