Lamberghini – Lyrics Meaning in English – The Doorbeen feat. Ragini

The poetess is teasing the poet by asking him to take her on a drive in his car. The poet

Rim vs Jhanjar – Lyrics Meaning in English – Karan Aujla, Deep Jandu

The poet in this song sings the whines of a female lover. The poet describes how she’s distressed by her guy’s habit of getting new rims for his cars tyres, and not thinking about buying an anklet for her!

I Need Ya – Lyrics Meaning in English – Sukhe

The poet is praising a girl, and he’s so lost that he wants to eat her cheeks!!! I guess it’s love, cause love is blind and that’s only when you see a cheek as a brownie and want to eat it!

Sab Fade Jange – Lyrics Meaning in English – Parmish Verma

The poet believes in karma and tries to preach the noble message that “everyone, who’s doing a bad deed will be caught, one day”!

Whiskey Di Bottal – Lyrics Meaning in English – Jasmine Sandlas, Preet Hundal

Singers: Preet Hundal, Jasmine Sandlas Music: Preet Hundal Lyrics: Preet Hundal It’s west coast Punjab connection (Canada connection) Pairan vich

Toronto – Lyrics Meaning in English – Jass Manak, Priya

The poet and poetess argue who is better. There’s no conclusion in this song. I guess we need to watch

Sakhiyaan – Lyrics Meaning in English – Maninder Buttar

This song, though in male voice, speaks about a girl’s heart. She is troubled by her bf who spends a

Jind Mahi – Lyrics Meaning in English – Diljit Dosanjh

Poet Diljit is back again with a poem on one-sided love. The poet is trying to convince his crush of

Munde Mar Jaange – Lyrics Meaning in English – Raghveer Boli, Bohemia

The poet in this song is alerting a girl from causing a mass killing! The poet’s ulterior motive is to

Perfect – Lyrics Meaning in English – Gurinder Rai, Badshah

The poet in this poem is praising an extremely beautiful girl! The poet, in addition, is trying to help her