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Village Earth – Lyrics Meaning in English – Kaka

Singer: Kaka
Music: Kaka
Lyrics: Kaka

Mere ghar vich chidiya aun
Phull titliyan mehak’an aun
Dhupp hawa sookhe patte
Patteyan te turrdi tu aawe

Birds come to my house
Flowers, butterflies, fragrances come
Sunlight, wind, dry leaves
Walking on dry leaves you come

Tere bin je hor koi banda
Mere ghar de raah aawe
Main bande nu puchha bandeya
Edhar dass tu kyun aawe

If any other person than you
Comes towards my house
I inquire that person, man,
Why are you coming towards my house

Jivein dil mere vich thehri tu
Aa dekh je ghar vich thehar hundae
Tu samundar tappke aaja
Maithon naa ae tair hundae

As you’ve abode in my heart
See if you can stay in my house too
Cross the river and come this side
I couldn’t swim it

Eh mulk ne siyasatdaana de
Lokkan da pind ja shehar hundae
Lokkan nu eh pata vi ae
Ke siyasat de vich zehar hundae

This is the nation of politicians
People have villages or city
And people also understand this
That there’s poison in politics

Eh siyasati reyaasti raaje
Hamesha fauj’an de dam te jyonde rahe
Ehnna khaatir maran wale
Lokkan chon hi aunde rahe

This political federal king
Always rely heavily upon their armies
To die for them, were always the
Member of community/ common people

Maape ronde, bachhe ronde
Siyasat wale baaz ni aunde
Eh ladvaunde, eh marvaunde
Kursi te behke mauj udaunde

Parents cry, children cry
But politicians don’t stop
They make people fight and kill
And they have fun of the sight sitting on their chair

Tu ehna di gall manndi ae
Meri gall nu sun tan sahi
Bhullke tu sarhad’an nu
Pind shehar koi chun tan sahi

You believe on them
Listen to me once
Forgetting the boundaries
Choose a village or city

Aithe koi raja ni ae
Ja saare hi raaje ne
Har mulk di taaza khabar ton
Aithe phal-phull taaze ne

Here, no one is the king
Or all are the king
By the latest news of every country
Here, every flower-fruit is well aware

O dekh bina vardi ton aundi
Hassdi khed’di fauj tan dekh
Ikk vaari mulk’an nu bhullke
Shaant shehar di mauj tan dekh

See, coming without uniform
See, the army laughing and playing
For once, forgetting about the countries
Enjoy the activities of peaceful city

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