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Boss – Lyrics Meaning in English – Jass Manak

Singer: Jass Manak 
Music: Game Changerz 
Lyrics: Jass Manak 

Game Changerz In The House Baby 
Jass Manak...! 

Aa Aaa Aaaa…! 


Oh Boss De Ne Number 
Range Diyan Caran 
Jadon Jatt Nikle 
Takdiyan Naaran… 

Numbers are of boss 
Cars are of range 
When Jatt goes out 
Girls look towards him 

Tere Town Gehda Ik Hi Bathera 
Vairiyan Ni Sehniyan Ni 
Haddan Utte Maran 
Manakan Da Munda Samjhi Na Gunda 
Naam Pichhe Singh Rim 
Karde Ne Bling… 

My one round is enough in your city 
The enemies could not 
Bear the pain I’ll give them 
I am Manak’s boy, don’t assume me a gangster 
Singh is after my first name 
Rim of my cars blink 

Ho Choti De Shokeen An 
Danger Ne Scene An 
Kadd Na Tu Akhaan Kole Magnum Rakhan 
Gaddi Meri Kaali Vich AK-47 
Yaar Chaar Paanj Khaas 
Vairi Mere Lakhan… 

We are top level armatures 
Scenes are dangerous 
Don’t stare at me I keep magnum gun along with me 
My car is black in color and AK 47 is in it 
I have only 4-5 special friends 
But I have enemies a lot  

Aa Aaa Aaaa….! 

Game Changeran Di Beat Ae 
Challdi Repeat E 
Khadak De Sheeshe Nale 
Kabbi Jaandi Seat E… 

It’s the beat of game changers 
It plays on repeat 
Windows are vibrating  
And even the seat is shivering 

Oh Dekh Billo Jachda Vich Ni Hazaran 
Impala Vich M4 Chidiyan Na Maaran 
Ho Kehnde Dhaliwal Aa 
Uthde Sawal Aa 
Rakhi Na Queen Koyi 
Dil Ch Na Khaar Aa… 

Look girl boy suits in thousand people 
They say me, Dhaliwal 
Questions are rising 
I have no queen 
Neither I have jealousy in my heart 

Jigre Te Maan An 
Soch Nu Salaam 
Samundran Ton Dungi 
Jehdi Ambran Ton Paar Aa… 

I am proud of myself 
Salute to my thinking 
Which is deeper than the oceans 
And is beyond the atmosphere 

Oh Chup Chaap Jatt Billo Puchhde Sawal E 
Saana Jeha Zor Dekh Sheran Jehi Chaal Ae… 

Jatt ask questions silently, girl 
Our power is like that of bulls and walking style is like lions 

haa haaa…! 
pura worldwide fame ae 
Haan star’aan vich name ae 
ho tere manak ne soniye ha 
ha ghumati saari game ae 

I am popular in whole world 
My name comes in top stars 
Your Manak (Lyricist), my love 
Has changed the whole game 

oh pura worldwide fame 
hai star’aan vich name 
Dekh manak ne soniye 
ghumati puri game 

I am popular in whole world 
My name comes in top stars 
See Manak, my love 
Has changed the whole game 

jehde karde si doubt 
ajj mere te proud 
tere shehar mere gaane 
dekhi tapp da crowd ae 

Who has doubts on me  
Today they are proud of me 
In you city, on my songs 
The whole crowd dances 

haa haaa…! 

Takni Tabahi Dekh Bhardi Gawahi 
Akhaan Utte Shade Kaale Nagni Na Laal Aa 
Autotune De Ni Kalakaar 
Hikkan Ch Vi Jaan Ae 
Anakhan Na Jeyonde 
Kise Bande Da Na Ehsaan Ae… 

Shades are on my eyes; I don’t eat black opium 
I am not the star of auto tune 
I have power in my chest 
We live proudly 
I have no one’s favor on me 

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