We Rollin – Lyrics Meaning in English – Shubh

Singer: Shubh  
Music: Anabolic Beatz 
Lyrics: Shubh 

Mere Dabb 32Bore Thalle Kaali Car Ae (x4) 

32-bore gun in my pocket and black car under me (x4) 

Baithe Car vich mere chunve jehe Yaar ae 
Ni ae vadd Khan painde pange Jaan Jaan lainde 
Asi baitheya bathaya bande uthan nahi dinde 

In my car, chosen friends are sitting 
They are always ready to fight; they deliberately mess with others 
We don’t let the other person get up 

Lainde Minute to Minute Patt na tu Hass balliye 
Keda karda ae tang mainu dass balliye 
Sade matter ch aaundi na police balliye 
Keda karda ae tang mainu dass balliye 

They beat them in minutes; don’t you laugh girl 
Who is troubling you, tell me, girl 
Police do not come in our matters, girl 
Who is troubling you, tell me, girl 

Jatt gang nahi banaunde , Gang’an Run karde 
Weapon rakhe aa charde toh charde 
Jithe chalde rakane puri lehar fad de 
Bande jigre wale aa sade naal khad de. 

These boys do not make gangs, they run the gangs (are the leaders of the gang) 
They have the best of the best weapons  
Where they walk girl, they make others follow them 
Courageous boys stand along with me 

Ni Din talde hi hoje shuru din balliye 
Kinne takk ne pinde te naa tu gin balliye 
Hoya Vailpuna karde nu chir balliye 
Mint lagda ni khol deiye sir balliye 

At evening my day starts, girl 
How many scratches are there on my body, don’t you count girl 
It’s long time, I’ve been violent, girl 
It does not take a minute I open their heads, girl (beat them up) 

Sir parche bathere bukde aa yaar de 
Kaale sheeshe aa karaye billo kali Car de 
Janda dass ke jado vi jatt jaave maar te 
Khed makaiye jhatt pehli saar te 

Many cases are on me, I am facing them 
Mirrors are tinted black, girl, of black car 
He informs before reaching, whenever boy goes for beating 
We finish the game in the beginning only 

Tatte chalde ne mudda toh jatta de putt ni 
Shehar tere bhave sada naam puchh layi 
Naa chalda ae top ute tera yaar ae 
Utto mode naal moda jod khade yaar ae 

From starting they are hot-headed, sons of Jatt 
You can ask my name in your city 
Myname works, your friend is on top 
On over that shoulder to shoulder his friends are standing with him 

Mere Dabb 32Bore Thalle Kaali Car Ae(x4) 

32-bore gun in my pocket and black car under me (x4) 

Ni eh bann ke Panda Ne tere ghumde aa shehar 
Pair patt de aa jithe othe painda dise Vair 
Vair shaunk naal pogde aa putt jatt de 
Teri soch nalo nivi Yaar gaddi rakhde 

Covering his face, he moves in your city 
Wherever he steps, he creates enemies 
With interest he beats his enemies, the son of Jatt 
Lower than your thinking, he keeps his car 

Ni gaddi Chamkadi poori utto rim chamke 
Center ch disda rumaal lamke 
Pattu turde aa shadak peyo di mann ke 
Asi thok de ni banda kadi time ban ke 

Car is shining, its rim is also shining 
In the centre the handkerchief is seen hanging 
The boy walks on the road assuming it his dad’s road 
I never schedule the time to beat any person  

Ni banda dhak laine aa gharo chak laine aa 
Billo akh laal rakhi , padh akh laine aa 
Ni fer shaq painde aa je koi karda gaddari 
Saade naal putt vair naale yaari dove madi 

I trap the person, kidnap him from his house 
Girl, I have red eyes, I can read the eyes (understand their intentions) 
I get suspicious, if someone betrays me 
With me son, enmity and friendship both are bad 

Maadi karde aa rajj ke je aayi utte aaye 
Udd de parinde kinne fad ke bithaye 
Mor’an waang ne nachaye kamm aar paar ae 
Seat utte bande khani na koi baithi naar ae 

I do bad to others if it comes on my pride 
Flying birds, how many I have grabbed and made them sit down 
I made them dance like peacock, my work is through-n-through 
Gun is on the other seat, not any girl is sitting along with me 

Mere Dabb 32Bore Thalle Kaali Car Ae(x4) 

32-bore gun in my pocket and black car under me (x4) 

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