Gal Gabru Di – Lyrics Meaning in English – Deep Chahal & Sara Khatri

Singer: Deep Chahal  
Music: Nav Prince 
Lyrics: Deep Chahal  

Galan Karuga Jamana Kal 
Bohat Sade Bare, 
Gal Ajj Di Aa Ajj Koyi 
Dinda Ni Sahare, 

Tomorrow, this world will  
Talk a lot about us 
But the talk is about today,  
Today no one supports us 

But Pta Lage Bohat Kujh 
Duniya De Bare, 

But I got to know a lot  
About this world 

Respect Nal Kisse Nal 
Je Do Galan Karo Sale, 
Soch Lainde Aan Ke 
Eh Sade Chhite Mare, 

If you talk with someone 
With respect  
They think that  
You will cheat them 

Hun Tahi Tan Mai Kam Tak Kam Rakhda, 
Paira Apna Te Khadne Da Dum Rakhda, 
Jatt Chad Maidan Na Bhaju Ni, 

That’s why now I mind my own business 
I keep the guts to stand on my feet 
Jatt will not leave the ground and run-away 

Kali Kali Gal Gabru Di, 
Dil Te Aake Bajju Ni, 
Kali Kali Kali Kali, 

Boy’s each and every word 
Will hit the heart 
Each and every 

Yar Tera Dhanu Banu, 
Kaiyan Nu Ni Son Dinda, 
Jurata Nal Auna Painda, 
Muhre Kon Aun Dinda, 

Your friend (I) will dress up fashionably 
He will not let sleep many people 
With hard work we need to come in front 
Who lets anyone come in front 

Bolde Aa Jehde Muh, 
Chheti Hone Band Ni, 
Suraj Ratan Nu Chadu, 
Bina Vich Chand Ni, 

Those who speak a lot today 
Soon their mouths will get shut 
Sun will rise at night 
And in the morning moon will rise 

Ik Din Badlu Same Di, 
Tasveer Main, 
Chalea Je Bass Badal, 
Doon Taqdeer Mai, 
Puchan De Loki, 

One day I will change  
The picture of time 
If it was in my hand  
I will change my destiny/fate 
People will ask 

Eh Kehar Kitho Aaya, 
Uth Ke Pinda Cho, 
Munde Shehar Khunje Laya, 
Oh Jadon Khad Stage Te Gajju Ni, 

From where this storm has arisen 
Getting up from the village 
Boy has made whole city aside 
When standing on the stage he will sing 

Kali Kali Gal Gabru Di, 
Dil Te Aake Bajju Ni, 
Kali Kali Kali Kali, 

Boys each and every word 
Will hit the heart 
Each and every 

Kayi Yar Vi Se Jina, 
Fayde Chake Majboori De, 
Kadan Pehchana Hun, 
Riste Jo Doori De, 
Si Mere Made Hal, 

Some were even my friends  
Who took the advantage of my helplessness 
They are connecting now  
The distant relatives 
On my bad times 

Utte Kayi Bande Hasde, 
Meri Ki Aukat Si, 
Baitha Ke Wich Dasade, 

Many people used to laugh 
What was my status 
They used to make me sit in between and then tell me 

Paisa Nale Sama Jina, 
Kitta Ae Kharab Mera, 
Ohna Bandea Layi Bass, 
Iko Hi Jawab Mera, 
Cycle Oh Agg Jehdi, 

Who has wasted my  
Time and money 
For them I have only 
One answer 
Feel the warmth of fire 

Deep Chahal Laun Laga, 
Gane Gake Gabru, 
Parole Banaun Laga, 

Which Deep Chahal (Lyricist) is igniting  
Singing songs, the boy is  
About to make the twisters 

Ho Kachiyan Kanda De, 
Pale Pake Aan Irade Wale, 
Pakiyan Jubana Nale, 
Pake Pake Vade Aale, 

With rough walls we have  
Strong intentions 
True words 
And true promises 

Chande Hoye Chele Pake, 
Doke Ustad Pind, 
Nike Jehe Jawar Wale, 
Vasde Punjab, 

We have handled many disciples 
From the small  
Village of Jawar 
Which is in Punjab 

Oh Dassan De Lok, 
Muho Apni Badayi Ni, 
Ankh Kol Jina Meri, 
Kitti A Burai Ni, 
Burai Ni Chadayi, 

People will say  
Praises for me 
Those who have talked  
Bad about me 
Bad, they are themselves 

Mainu Dege Aap Khat Ke, 
Khat Ke Gye Ki, 
Beige Patt Ke Oh Ghar, 

Given me popularity 
What have they got 
Now they are themselves jobless 

Par Kali Kali Gal Gabru Di, 
Dil Te Aake Bajju Ni, 
Kali Kali Gal Gabru Di, 

But Boys each and every word 
Will hit the heart 
Boys each and every word 

Oh Kali Kali Gal Gabru Di, 
Dil Te Aake Bajju Ni, 

Boys each and every word 
Will hit the heart 

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