Dollar – Lyrics Meaning in English – Sidhu Moosewala

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Singer & Lyrics: Sidhu Moosewala  
Music: Byg Byrd 

Saaday wangu sadiyan ni blacklisted caran ne 

My cars are blacklisted, just like me 

Asi underground bande, 
Uppar tak maaran nes, 

I’m an underground guy (mafia person) 
My contacts are till the topmost level 

Asi ajj de raajay haan 
Sada pata nahi kall da, 

I’m the king of today 
I don’t know about my tomorrow 

Dollar’an wangu ni naam sada challda  

My name works like Dollar (it gets work done anywhere)  

Kadon barshe vadde ne, 
Latthan de chaakuan ne,  

When has been a spear harmed 
By a rod or a knife 

Mangde ni khonde aan 
Asi putt daakuan de. 

I don’t ask, I snatch 
I’m the son of dacoits 

Ho wagg kateedan da 
Sheran naa’ nahi ralda.  

Never has a crowd 
Fought with a lion 

Dollar-an vangu ni naam saada chalda. 

My name works like Dollar  

Saaday katth ainve hunday, 
Jeyon chardiyan janna ne,  

We (friends) meet as if 
There’s a procession 

Saaday ghar taan chotay nay, 
Kolay mehngiyan gun’an nay, 

My house is small 
But my guns are expensive 

Taahin taan mehlan taayin 
Hai khauf sadda pallda 

That’s why even the castle dwellers  
Fear me   

Oh dollar’an wangu ni naam sada challda. 

My name works like Dollar  

Jine vi yaar mere 
Saare agg laau ne  

All my friends 
Are super-awesome 

Munda taan saau ae 
Ohday geet bhadkau nay

The guy is soft (the singer is refering to himself) 
Only his songs are inflammatory

Sidhu moose wala jo likhda 
Sar-e-aam sada challda.  

Whatever Sidhu Moosewala (singer and lyricist) writes 
It’s hit everywhere 

Ik vaari hor! 

Once More! 

Oh dollar-an wangu ni naam sada challda. 

My name works like Dollar 

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