Pro Jatts – Lyrics Meaning in English – Shivjot


Singer: Shivjot  
Music: The Boss 
Lyrics: Shivjot

Ajj Ton Teri Meri Yaari 
Laili Teri Jimmewari 
Mangne Di Tu Karle Teyari 
Oh Gabbru Piche Maara Maari 

From today, you and me are friends 
I have taken your responsibility 
Prepare for our engagement 
There is a fight for the boy (me) 

Haan Karde Puthe Kaare 
Tu Ki Jaane Mutiyare 
Dass Maar Kithon Tayin Wajdi 
Jehde Fire Ankhan Cho Maare 

They do bad work 
What do you know, girl 
Tell me, from where they can beat 
Who shoot from their eyes 

Oh Jatt Paine Pachre 
Kamm Ne Pro Sadde 
Rang Bhavein Pakke Par 
Mukh Te Glow Sadde 

Jatt is rich 
And all works are pro 
Though my skin colour is brown 
But there’s always glow on my face 

Nitt Hi Banere Utte 
Bolda Crow Sadde 
Zindagi Jeon De Ne 
Wakhre Flow Sadde 

Every day, crow speaks  
At our balcony 
To live our life 
We have a different flow 

Vairi Launde Zor Par 
Rehnde Ae Below Sadde 
Jatt Paine Pachre Aa 
Kamm Ne Pro Sadde 

Enemies try enough 
But they stay below us 
Jatt is rich 
And all our work is pro 

The Boss! 

Oh Bollywood Ki Pollywood 
Tere Jatt ne Le Aati Nehri Ae 
Jinna Chirr Na Asla Mukke 
Onni Umar Bhateri Ae 

What’s Bollywood or Pollywood 
Your Jatt has brought the storm in every industry 
Until my bullets do not finish 
That long a life is enough for me 

Oh Kehnde Ne Kehnde Ne 
Agg Munde Vich Kehnde Ne 
Behnde Ne Behnde Ne 
Nehde Ho Ho Behnde Ne 

They say, they say 
The boy has fire inside 
They sit they sit 
They sit closer to me 

Painde Ne Painde Ne 
Nitt Hi Pange Painde Ne 
Oh Rehnde Ne Rehnde Ne 
Jatt Range Ton Baahar Hi 
Rehnde Ne 

Everyday some new  
Problem rises up 
They stay they stay 
Jatt stays out of the range 

Oh Thinking Hai High 
Par Attitude Low Sadde 
Babe Di Ae Mehar Kamm 
Kar Gaye Grow Sadde 

I have high thinking 
But my attitude is low 
With the grace of God 
My work is growing 

Aap Kalle Kaire Aa Ni 
Gaddiyan Ne 2 Sadde 
Bibiyan Ni Piche Piche 
Bebe Naal Monh Sadde 

I’m alone enough 
I have 2 cars 
Girls are after me 
I love my mom more  

Jatt Turrey Aunde Ae 
Kamm Ne Pro Sadde 

Jatts (boys) are coming 
Our work is pro 

Gallan Tere Yaar Diyan Hunn 
Har Thaan Hundiyan Rehndiya Ne 
Kudiyan Mere Haandiyan Sab 
Naam Mera Hi Laindiyan Ne 

Now, everyone is talking  
About your love/friend 
All girls of my age   
Take my name only 

Oh Suneya Tere Nakhre Bhare 
Karle Search’an Mere Baare 
Ki Ki Jatt Ne Kitte Kaare 
Ho Jayengi Tu Senti Naare 

I heard that you have a lot of tantrums 
Search about me 
What all works Jatt has done 
You will get emotional, girl 

Assi Lainde Full Nazare 
Kade Marzi Bina Ni Haare 
Shivjot Nu Painde Bhare 
Teri Ankh Karaundi Kaare 

I enjoy to the fullest 
I have never lost without my wish 
It gets heavy on Shivjot (Lyricist) 
Your eyes make me do some scandal 

Oh Tutti Futti English 
Peg Ch Snow Sadde 
Unche Lalkare Ae 
Loud Ne Throw Sadde 

My English is weak 
And snow/ice is in my wine 
My tone is high 

Kamm Koyi Marzi Kehle 
Mukh Te Na No Sadde 
Dabde Aa Kithe Saure 
Naal Ne Bro Sadde 

You can tell me any work 
Iwill never say ‘no’ 
Where they get suppressed 
All brothers are along with me 

Jatt Poore Bamb Aa Ni 
Kamm Ne Pro Sadde..  

Jatt is totally bomb 
My work is pro 

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