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Girls Like Us – Lyrics Meaning In English – Twice

The song “Girls Like Us” is an empowering anthem that encourages self-confidence and embracing one’s own path. The lyrics inspire listeners to pursue their dreams and ambitions without fear, recognizing that everyone faces challenges and uncertainties.

Singer(s): 트와이스(Twice)
Lyricist(s): 트와이스(Twice)
Composer(s): 트와이스(Twice)

Eonjebuteonji moreugesseo
Olotan namanui kkumkkun geonji
Nae meorissok Fantasy geu kkumdeuli
Eojjeomyeon heotdoen huimanginji

I don’t know when it started
If it’s a dream I’ve dreamed solely
The fantasies in my head, those dreams
Perhaps they’re empty hopes

Everyday banbokdoen Question
Girls like us uricheoreom geunyang dallyeo
Girls like us duryeoum Oh gyeou
Geu gamjeonge jijima Girls girls girls like us

Everyday repeating question
Girls like us, just run like us
Girls like us, fear, oh just
Don’t give in to that emotion, girls girls girls like us

Girls like us
Usneun eolgul sog geu an geu dwie
Manheun gamjeongdeuri eongkigetji
But remember geu kkumui cheos sijagjeom
Geuttae neukkyeo bwassdeon saeroum
Manheun geosdeul pyeolchyeojil geol

Girls like us
Behind the smiling face, behind that inside
Many emotions will get tangled
But remember, the starting point of that dream
The newness you felt back then
Many things will unfold

Duryeobji ajik sijaginde
Eochapi kkeuteun eobs-eul tende mwo There’s no end
Mwodeun sseobwa ne Sentence
Kkumkkun geudaelo sseo naelyeoga 100%

It’s scary, it’s just the beginning
Anyway, there won’t be an end, well, there’s no end
Write anything in your sentence
Write down your dream as is, 100%

Sasil-eun byeolgeo anin il
You are not alone nuguna seuchyeogan gil
I gil wi-e eonjenga mannal Happiness
Uli yeogsideodo meon got hyanghae Fly with us

Honestly, it’s not a big deal
You are not alone, everyone walks this road
On this road, someday you’ll meet happiness
We too are flying towards a faraway place, fly with us

Oh girls
Do what you want
You’re going the right way –

Oh girls
Do what you want
You’re going the right way –

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