Ay Dios Mio! – Lyrics Meaning in English – Karol G

This song is about a woman who wasn’t looking for a relationship, but she met this person and felt an instant connection.

Este Loko – Lyrics Meaning in English – Ozuna

In this song, the singer tries to find flaws and defects in the woman he’s interested in but can’t find

Yo No Te Pido La Luna – Lyrics Meaning in English – Daniela Romo

In this song, the singer is not asking her lover for the moon. In fact, she is only asking for a chance to

BIOL-101 – Lyrics Meaning in English – Jay Wheeler, Jorge Miliano, & DJ Nelson

This song is about a man who loves a woman because she’s different, and not like others. It’s as if she

No Me Conocen – Lyrics Meaning in English – Bandido, Duki, Rei, Tiago Pzk

This song is about a man who is seeing a woman, however, all of her friends are always talking badly of him. He

Antes Que Salga el Sol – Lyrics Meaning in English – Natti Natasha

This song is about two lovers being reunited after a long time and all of their old feelings resurfacing. They’re two

Tan Perfecto – Lyrics Meaning in English – Katie Angel & Noel Schajris

This song is about two people having found perfect love. They never imagined finding anything like it, and yet, there they

Corazón Sin Cara – Lyrics Meaning in English – Prince Royce

The singer dedicates this song to a girl who is very self-conscious about her appearance. He tells her he loves

Melancolía – Lyrics Meaning in English – Nicky Jam

This song is about a man speaking from his heart and telling the person he loves to always put herself

Ateo – Lyrics Meaning in English – C. Tangana & Nathy Peluso

This song is about a man who used to be an atheist until he met this woman who made him a