Mi Última Caravana– Lyrics Meaning in English – Gerardo Díaz y su Gerarquía

In this song, the singer is expressing his wishes for when he dies. He says he wants to be taken around his

Fumando Mota– Lyrics Meaning in English – Los Lara

In this song, the singer describes how smoking weed makes him feel. He says his life feels more relaxed and

Obra De Arte– Lyrics Meaning in English – Carla Morrison

This is a song about self-love in which the singer compares herself to a work of art.  She says that her beauty

Me Acostumbré A Lo Bueno– Lyrics Meaning in English – Fuerza Regida

This song is about a man who is accustomed to the good things in life such as making money and good

El Tiburón– Lyrics Meaning in English – Proyecto Uno

This song is about men who are sharks. They are the men that lure women and take them away from other men.  

Ya Nada Volverá a Ser Como Antes– Lyrics Meaning in English – El Canto del Loco

This song is about a man who wants to discover his original, true self. He wants to find authenticity withing him, but

Cuando Me Siento Bien– Lyrics Meaning in English – Efecto Pasillo

In this song, the singer is describing what his life is like when he’s in a good mood. He appreciates

Música Ligera– Lyrics Meaning in English – Ana Mena

This song is the Spanish adaptation of Italian hit Música leggerissima. It describes the process of life in a musical way, comparing it to

No Más Lágrimas– Lyrics Meaning in English – Héroes Del Silencio

This song describes a mystical experience. The singer finds himself detached from everyone else and cannot hear them clearly. It talks about

Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor– Lyrics Meaning in English – Juanes

This song is about a man who is nearing old age and fears death. He wants to make up for