Saint Esprit – Lyrics Meaning in English – Dena

Saint Esprit means “holy Spirit”. The singer is inclined towards the super powers of God in healing and empowering. She

J’imagine – Lyrics Meaning in English – Valentina

J’imagine means “I imagine”. The singer talks of how a dream turns into reality by shaping through the very first

Le Dyonisien – Lyrics Meaning in English – Landy

Le Dyonisien means “the Dionysiac”. It relates to the God Dionysus. The singer gives up on every important aspect, to

Tout Oublier – Lyrics Meaning in English – Angele

Tout Oublier means “to forget everything”. The singer says that despite odd memories and fashion of life, it is quite

Sympathique – Lyrics Meaning in English – Pink Martini

Sympathique means “friendly”. Life’s constant efforts of killing the singer’s morality have taken her aback. She is still constant with

Desenchantee – Lyrics Meaning in English – Kate Ryan

Desenchantee means “disenchanted”. The singer is broken and devastated and wants a pure soul to help her out with the

Bonbon A La Menthe – Lyrics Meaning of English – Jok’Air

Bonbon A La Menthe means “peppermint candy”. The singer’s girl is no longer interested in true feelings and falls for

Demain – Lyrics Meaning in English – Driks

Demain means “tomorrow”. The singer believes that there’s no surety of what’s going to happen tomorrow which is why we

Filon – Lyrics Meaning in English – Landy

Filon means “Lords of the Manor”. The singer says it is not that easy to achieve something good. It takes

La Night – Lyrics Meaning in English – Benab

La Night means “the night”. The singer expresses his paranoid life and the up and down cycles in everyday practicality.